1. Investing For Recession

    By:  Clint Pekrul, CFA The likelihood of a recession in the next year is over 50% in our view. While we can’t time the beginning of a recession, we can observe how various asset classes have performed over prior economic contractions. The past isn’t necessarily a perfect guide, but it can be informative. We can draw some conclusions about how asset prices might behave in a recession, and set …Read More

  2. May 2018 PCM Report

    While much is continually made of the "New Normal" in the financial markets, volatility since the beginning of 2018 looks more like a return to the "Old Normal". This month we attempt to identify whether the spike in market volatility suggests the onset of a bear market or a need for increased patience by investors. We show how a strategy to manage volatility, similar to Dynamic Risk Hedging, can …Read More

  3. Not All Exchange-Traded-Products are Created Equal

    If you have been watching the financial news  lately, you’ve likely heard of the recent implosion of a few exchange-traded products, and the subsequent fallout from the news media about how these products pose a systemic risk to the financial system. In this installment of In the  Spotlight, we’d like to shed our views on the ETF market and examine what happened in the recent demise of two s…Read More

  4. April 2018 PCM Report

    Having had a couple of weeks to process the voluminous amount of data and opinions at the Mauldin Strategic Investment Conference, it is easy to see that change is coming. The volatility since early February has been very different than what has been experienced since this bull market began. This month's analysis focuses on what we are calling Regime Change and how that will impact investors and t…Read More

  5. Chief Operations Officer, Geoff Eliason, Expands Capacity in Serving the Financial Industry

    Robust Service Offering as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® Colorado Springs, CO, February 15, 2017 - Geoffry Eliason, CFP® Chief Operations Officer at Peak Capital Management in Colorado Springs, CO has been authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) to use the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP® certification marks in accordance with CFP Board certi…Read More

  6. February 2017 PCM Report

    We are excited to share this month's PCM Report which is our annual Roundtable discussion of the economy and markets. Brian down with John Mauldin (Mauldin Solutions), Steve Blumenthal (CMG), and Clint Pekrul (PCM) at the recent Inside ETFs conference. The discussion was robust and challenged some commonly held views of consensus today. There are many short videos linked throughout the report that…Read More

  7. Post Election Update – Seeing Red

    “Bigger than Brexit” is the line many around the globe were uttering in response to Donald Trump’s stunning sweep of the American Electorate that only the most ardent of Trump supporters could have thought possible. As we take a step back and consider the ramification of last night’s election, it seems clear this was not as big a surprise as the media would like people to believe. The medi…Read More

  8. November 2016 PCM Report

    The markets are going to be on edge as we are now just 5 days away from the most bizarre presidential campaign in more than a generation. Just when it looked like the polls were confirming a Clinton victory (assuming you can trust any poll, especially in light of the Brexit vote), the FBI's announcement it was reopening the email scandal investigation after more than 10,000 emails were found on Cl…Read More