Dynamic Risk Hedged U.S. Growth Strategy

The strategy’s primary objective is long-term growth of capital. In general, the strategy will allocate capital to U.S. equities and Treasuries based on a risk budget. Roughly 95% of total portfolio risk is allocated evenly to five U.S. equity factors – momentum, value, size, quality and volatility. Roughly 5% of total portfolio risk is allocated to U.S. Treasuries. The strategy dynamically allocates as the correlations and volatilities of the underlying exposures changes over time.

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Step 1


  • Underlying holdings
  • Fees
  • Liquidity
  • Commitment of ETF provider

Step 2


  • Risk is evaluated every day
  • The allocation is adaptive to daily risk levels

Step 3

Monitor Threats


  • The holdings can respond to threats on an ongoing basis

Result → consistent returns while mitigating losses